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Do not confuse factoring with other forms of financing since it does not work the same as asking for a loan or a line of credit, nor should you think that it consists in delivering our accounts to a collection agency. The factoring is a method that companies can use to sell their accounts receivable to a factoring company at a discount from face value.

Generally the companies use the factoring to dispose of money and thus use it in their daily operations, with suppliers, accounts payable, etc., these are bought by the factoring companies, who charge a percentage for their services. The way in which the factoring works is the following:

A company sells 50,000 pesos to a client, the payment time is usually for 30 days, but the company needs to replenish its inventory for 100,000 pesos, also needs to buy 20,000 pesos from an order for a second client, the company at this time does not have the capital to settle and cover these expenses, so it decides to go to a factoring company in which they pay the 50,000 pesos of the first customer with a nominee discount, in this way the company. It gets the money before and the factoring company acquires the value of the account receivable.

As you can see it is a process that can bail out.


  • Access to cash is almost immediate
  • If you have a constant flow of sales, factoring is a great way to improve cash flow
  • It is a form of financing that does not depend on the credit rating of your business
  • There is no debtor-creditor relationship
  • You can have money before to carry out basic activities of your company
  • It gives more liquidity
  • Since it is your accounts receivable that you place under guarantee, you do not need to be indebted
  • Protect your company’s credit rating


It can be an expensive form of financing for the discount rate they handle

The control in collection processes is lost and this may affect the relationship with the client, depending on how the collection is carried out by the factoring company

Remember to find out if this form of financing is right for your company, I recommend it for small companies with liquidity problems and you need to have money for your operations, even if the business is highly leveraged can be very useful factoring as it improves cash flow and no additional debt is acquired.

The Load Board Goals Now Essential to You

In English, the acronym LTL stands for less than truckload or the transport of broken lots. At the basic definition level, groupage is a mode of transport for small cargo shipments that occupy only a portion of the truck. For that the use of the free load board comes useful.

  • Groupage (LTL) refers exclusively to road transport and includes multiple loads and unloads during transit.
  • Full load (FTL) Partial loading (PTL)

When to choose grouping (LTL)?

Group transportation is one of the most cost-effective solutions for shipping goods when:

The volume to be shipped is not large enough for full load (FTL);
The shipment is too big or too heavy to be considered a standard shipment but too small for a full load (FTL);
Shipping is not time sensitive;
The goods must be delivered to different destinations;
Several small packages can be combined and placed on pallets.

Group Age costs

LTL costs depend on many factors:

The transport distance The weight and dimensions of the shipment;

The type of email service

  • The type of shipment – the transportation of fragile goods or perishable goods and dangerous goods will be slightly more expensive;
  • The shipping route
  • Shipping distance;
  • The type of shipping service
  • The type of shipping service – standard or expedited deliveries;

Group transportation (LTL) is more convenient than individual package shipping. It is important to provide exact dimensions, weight and complete addresses to calculate the final shipping price. This information is also used by carriers to optimize the space available in trucks.

Get a quote for the groupage transport (LTL)

The Company team has extensive experience in providing access to group cargo (LTL) shipments made by different European carriers.

We sail in the logistics industry looking for the best rates for groupage. Ask for a quote and our shipping experts will assist you.

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Preparation for handling and transport by grouping (LTL)
LTL transport or groupage may include shipments that are too big or too heavy to be handled by standard courier services and at the same time too small to fill a complete truck. As a result, Group Shipment (LTL) is used for different consignment units, ranging from oversize parcels, palletized goods, crates, to corrugated containers.

For LTL transport, the packaging materials used to protect freight are the same as for Full Load Transport (FTL), as explained in the dedicated section.
But how to choose the most reliable and professional that will better meet your needs? There are hundreds of shipping companies. Below is an indicative list of some links that can bring you support on shipping your shipping vehicles overseas.

The Great Options for With the Best Invoice Now

Factoring is a form of bank-independent financing. Here, a company continuously sells its receivables on goods deliveries and services to a factoring partner (Factor) and immediately receive cash in exchange.

In factoring, the Factor buys monetary claims on goods deliveries and services that arise between the factoring customer and his trading partner. The Factor pays the company the equivalent of the outstanding receivables.

At Net 30 invoice, they guarantee the company immediate cash up to 90 percent of the invoice amount. The remaining amount serves as blocking credit and will be transferred after payment of the outstanding invoice amount by the trading partner taking into account a discount, discount or return.

In this context, we assume the protection in case of failure. This responsibility is called ducroire. This means that, in the event of the commercial partner’s failure to pay, the loss of receivable incurred will be assumed by Factoring companies.

As part of our full-service procedure, we carry out credit checks, the recall procedure and the collection procedure for our clients.

Their cost structure is very simple and easily rebuilt because it consists of only two factors:

  • Interest on debt financing (comparable to current account interest in a bank)
  • factoring fees for the recovery of the risk of default and the management of receivables by the Factor

Since immediate liquidity often depends on the use of discounts and allows for better purchasing conditions, factoring fees can be virtually eliminated in the end.

As a private service provider, which does not depend on banks, we offer a service according to your needs. We analyze your financial situation in a perfectly individual way and we develop the best solution in your favor.

Factoring is a financing and management solution for receivables that are increasingly popular with companies. It has become the second source of short-term financing behind the bank overdraft (according to statistics published by the ASF (Association of Financial Companies)).

Depending on the customer’s needs, factoring offers 3 types of flexible services:

Trade receivables financing (only business to business)

Client receivables management, including collection, collection and lettering of trade receivables

The guarantee against the risk of unpaid debts (unless a credit insurance contract is already in place)

It is one of the few markets that have grown by more than 10% for more than 15 years, even in times of slow growth. The factoring market reached 248 billion dollars in 2015 (volume bought by factors).

As companies have come to understand, factoring is a financing solution for all types of companies, whatever their business cycle, and allows them to mobilize and turn into cash an asset that has been dormant for a long time: customer post.

Factoring is aimed at companies of all sizes, present in many sectors of activity, whether these companies are growing, whether they are in the process of reversal or even in difficulty (collective or amicable proceedings in particular).

Factoring contracts allow companies to finance both their sales in France and abroad. Most of the factors are indeed able to mobilize claims on foreign debtors, whether invoices are denominated in euros or in currency, to finance the company.

How To Save On Space In Your Home

Handy is in the business of putting people in touch with cleaning professionals to get their home clean and organized. There are certain reasons why people would need to get their home cleaned and it can be due to the fact that they simply don’t have the time or maybe they don’t know how to properly clean their home. Whatever the reason, Handy will have someone available for people to get their to-do list fully sorted out.

Getting more out of your storage space

Since Handy solely operates in North America, including some cities in Canada, there are certain items we only would use seasonally such as blankets, sweaters, and sporting items. We can’t go skiing in the dead of summer therefore if we own items like these, we would need to store them somewhere to gain access until next time we would like to use them. For some people who have bigger homes, thus more space, it is easier to place.

But when we have limited space, we need to come up with creative ways to store our items. When it comes to bulky items that can be vacuum packed, it is a good idea to get this done since they will take up less space and they will be bug and dust free.

If you know the fabrics you own at hope that take up too much space will not be used in awhile, it is best to vacuum pack everything and get it all to fit perfectly in your closet. This way when you need to remove a towel, nothing will tumble out or look disorganized since it will all be sealed in plastic.

Using storage tricks to have more walkable space

When you would like to have more space available in your home you can use metal bars and hooks to save space on counter space and floor space. Starting in the entryway, there are hooks that can be installed on the walls to place bags and coats instead of having them around the house. This way your home will be more organized and you will spend less time looking for whatever it is you need.

Moving onto the closet, it is practical to have bars set up to place your shoes onto the rack for easy access and to have more room and organization in the closet be it a walk-in or not.

ECommerce in China for Men

Need a Major Macintosh delivered to your entryway in minutes? Or on the other hand a refrigerator before the day’s over? While U.S. retailers puzzle over how to make that happen, China’s e-commerce companies are already there. Servicing the nation’s web-connected consumers at ever-faster speeds is driving some huge businesses, not to mention securities exchange valuations. The secret weapon: the humble delivery fellow.

Chinese e-commerce companies have taken two differentiating approaches to delivery., the online marketplace that resembles Amazon, employs over 24,000 delivery workers, and is utilizing the proceeds from a $1.8 billion first sale of stock in May to take on more. Its closest adversary Alibaba, likely to complete its own Initial public offering in the next few months, doesn’t have its own coordinations network, yet depends on a huge “ecosystem” of other dispersion companies. Alibaba is leading a consortium that intends to invest $16 billion in coordination’s.

In the West, companies like Amazon have struggled to bridge the “last mile” between warehouse and consumer at a low price. The apparition of website failure, which offered quick yet uneconomical delivery of little items, hangs over them. By differentiate, customers can place orders before 3 p.m. in some cities and receive their merchandise with no transportation charge by midnight the same day.

One reason is that while American e-commerce arrived when the nation was already rich, China’s online shopping blast has come while the nation is still relatively poor, with cheap work. That makes the last mile easier to bridge. The median U.S. neighborhood delivery employee is paid around $29,000 a year, as indicated by the Bureau of Work Insights. A bustling Chinese courier can make around $8,000 a year. Yet the cost of products often isn’t that different. The same match of Nike Hyperdunk 2014 basketball shoes costs $118.44 on Amazon’s U.S. site and $150 on Alibaba’s Tmall marketplace. The U.S. shopper forks out $8.95 for delivery, while the Chinese buyer pays just $1.62.

Internet companies’ increasing investment into the last mile is causing upheaval in China’s express delivery industry, which has 9,000 licensed companies, and which Credit Suisse estimates employed 1 million people before the end of 2013. State-owned EMS is being challenged by nearby and private players now that 60 percent of express orders are generated by e-commerce.

That requires a more sophisticated sort of courier. Companies like Sherpa’s, which delivers for restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, have developed by updating the image of the pervasive bike fellow. (Sherpa’s cutting edge employees, like those of most coordination’s companies, are overwhelmingly male.) Its 200 or so delivery workers must be tech-sharp, presentable and able to handle payment on the doorstep. Those are the same sort of staff that and peers are going for as well.

Even for China, however, unfriendly demographics are in the post. The ordinary e-commerce delivery worker in huge cities is male and between 20 and 30 years old. However, that gathering could recoil 30 percent between 2010 and 2030 as per forecasts from the United Countries. Wages are becoming faster for lower-income gatherings and economic transients – in other words, those who deliver products – than for the richer people who get them.

Profitability and scale will delay the effect. Even e-commerce companies that don’t run their own particular delivery have an interest in helping make courier companies more efficient. Alibaba offered weather and movement checking for couriers working amid its “Singles Day” online shopping festival in November a year ago. It makes sense: when a large number of packages are late, it’s Alibaba whose reputation suffers.

Getting creative is another choice. Shippers can move delivery to nearby get focuses, for example, grocery stores, lockers and trucks that stop outside metro stops and office structures. Be that as it may, the further the delivery gets from the front entryway, the more the advantage over conventional retail is eroded. Delivery by drone may happen multi day, yet not soon.

As efficiency picks up fade, who bears the burden of rising delivery wages? That is the huge battle confronting Chinese e-commerce. Once consumers are used to getting things for free, it will be difficult to change their mindset. Sherpa’s charges clients 15 yuan ($2.40) for deliveries inside 3 kilometers – and that price hasn’t changed in 15 years. On the off chance that consumers won’t bear the increasing costs, retailers should assimilate them.

How this pull of-war is resolved matters a great deal for investors in an organization like Alibaba, whose 46 percent net revenue reflects the absence of its own fulfillment infrastructure, and for shareholders in, which has incurred heavy losses by controlling its own particular delivery. In all likelihood, the two will converge. Alibaba investors may not love that result. In any case, for the average online shopper – and the delivery fellow – it’s a blessing that will keep giving.

useful website to understand Chinese eCommerce

The Right Tummy Tuck for You Now

Many women and men, after 30 years, begin to struggle desperately with excess skin and fat in the abdomen and back. Regular exercises and diets can give excellent results, but, alas, not always.

Many can for years try to get themselves back to normal, but if the surpluses of the skin are already large enough, then neither diet nor physical activity can help – you need a plastic abdomen. And if, it becomes clear that all means are vain, and then you need to seriously think about surgical tummy tuck.

The earlier this procedure is carried out, the easier and faster the recovery process will be after it. The operation can give excellent results; however, it is not worth waiting for the magical reincarnation.

Much will depend on how correctly and carefully the patient treats himself in the process of postoperative recovery. For the proper option of tummy tuck in Miami you will be having the best deals now.

Tummy tuck

Proper diet (before and after surgery)

The operation in fact, will remove a lot of extra pounds from the body and the sagging skin. But in order for the body to recover easier, you need to think ahead of a correct, well-balanced diet. It is strongly recommended, at the same time, consult a dietician who will offer the best diet for the body.

To start to adhere to it should be at least several months before the operation, so that the body is accustomed to a new way of eating, and did not get, as a result, stress. Sharp weight loss before the operation, may not have the best effect on the body during the recovery period. It is important, and after tightening the abdomen, do not let you relax, and continue to adhere to the established correct diet.

Avoid infections

Risks to some extent take place in any operation. To minimize them, you need to clearly follow all the prescriptions of the plastic surgeon, which he gives before and after the procedure. So, for example, often before a tummy tuck, patients are advised to take a bath, diluting the chlorhexidine solution in water to reduce the amount of bacteria, and therefore to reduce the risk of infection.

Healing baths

Improve body mobility

The first few days after the operation will be quite heavy in terms of movement. A person will need help to get to the bathroom, bed, kitchen, etc. It must be understood that any activity in the first days after the braces will be accompanied by considerable difficulties.

However, it is important not to give yourself time to spend in bed, to make short, but frequent cautious walks around the house, so that the legs get a load, the blood in them does not stagnate, and does not form blood clots.

True Options for the Proper Facelifts Now

Facelift or facelift called plastic surgery, with which you can get rid of the problem of omission of soft tissues on the face. Also, facelift allows you to remove the signs of gravitational ptosis and creases between the nose and lips, smooth wrinkles.

Facelift can help get rid of wrinkles, but remember that skin aging cannot be prevented. With age, due to the influence of the force of gravity, soft tissues lose elasticity, because of what they begin to sag, forming wrinkles. With age, the collagen structures responsible for supporting tissues also decrease – this makes the skin flabby. But with the help of a face lift it is possible to return the skin to youth and elasticity.

Preparation for facelift surgery

Now the most popular endoscopic lift

Before the operation, the patient must undergo a full medical examination, consultation of an anesthesiologist.

The specialist should know all about the patient’s health in order to imagine what possible complications may be. Before endoscopic lifting it is very important to tell a specialist about hidden problems, especially if they are related to the tendency of the tissue to excessive scarring, clotting of blood and arterial pressure.

The surgeon performing endoscopic lifting also needs to know whether the patient drinks alcohol, smokes, and takes any medications, since this can affect the recovery process after surgery.

The Postoperative Day

In the first postoperative day, a bandage is made, painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed. Edema decreases after 4 days (it completely disappears in 2 months), and the sutures are removed after a week. Endoscopic facelift in St. Petersburg for only 2-3 weeks will deprive the patient of an ordinary way of life. Cosmetics and shampoo can be used after 3-4 days.

Also, after lifting the face for 2 months you cannot smoke and drink alcohol, wear weights, go to a solarium and sauna. To accelerate rehabilitation, you can apply lymph drainage massage and physiotherapy.

  • The surgeon can not only remove the traces of age, but also make adjustments to your appearance, if that’s what you want. For example, highlight the cheekbones, raise your eyebrows. All these changes the doctor will discuss with you before the operation. So that you can immediately see how your appearance will change after the braces, we will make a 3D image based on your photo.
  • If you are used to visiting a cosmetologist on a regular basis, then after the operation, you will quickly appreciate the freedom from less effective procedures. One face lift, the cost of which in VIP Clinic is from 158000 dollars, in the end will cost you less than regular trips to a cosmetologist or hardware procedures in a good clinic.

Circular lifting is a change in the position of not only the facial skin, but also weakened muscles, fatty tissue. Therefore, the effect of such an operation remains for 10-15 years.

A Room For Everyone in an Apartment

Living in an apartment is not the easiest and most convenient situation to live in especially when you have children of very young ages. As a mother of five very young ones a mother will always seem to find it almost impossible to get her children to set still and not make too much noise for the neighbor downstairs.

The children will automatically want to play, jump, scream, run, and stomp their feet very loudly. It is nearly impossible to control children as they are very individualized and unique little people and want to remain free and liberated at all time. Usually the one to come against that freedom has to deal with the tantrums.

Especially during the winter when they do not get the liberty to go outside, they have a very strong urge to play and it must be very difficult for them to contain themselves just as it would be difficult for an adult to remain still for countless of hours. Usually siblings have to share rooms in such an arrangement which perpetrates the situation even further.

Most of the time one small bathroom is allotted to the family and when children because pre-adolescents and eventually teenagers, it takes strategic coordination to ensure that everyone gets to use the bathroom. In most apartments a small kitchen and living room is usually shared amongst a large family and it gets a bit difficult to move around.

Though it is not a dramatically terrible situation to live in most children would prefer to enjoy the freedom of living in their own home. A home where they have their own individual bedrooms and closets. A home where they can run free in the backyard until the wee hours of the night.

A home where everyone can sit comfortably on the couches surround the television set to watch their favourite shows. A home where they can run upstairs and downstairs as much as they want without the fear of the neighbor downstairs banging or coming to their door telling them that they are being too noisy. It would be an amazing feeling then.

Children living in such apartments under such conditions are under great expectations to finally move and have their home that they can call their own.

Of course, this takes years of planning on the parents’ side and cooperation from the children’s side. The children must understand that if they want to eventually have their dream home there are certain things that they would have to let go of in order for their parents to be able to save as much money as possible for a down payment for the home as well as for the fees towards the real estate agents.

Real estate agents are usually able to find housing for small and large families very rapidly. They usually start by assessing the needs of the family as well as their desired location and budget and then get on with their search. Usually it could take between 6 months to a year for the family to get settled into their own home.

Smart Shopping for Men Now Possible

Online shopping allows you to buy the right things, without getting up from the couch and without letting out a jar of foam. This, of course, greatly saves time, energy and nerves – and often money. The main thing is to follow uncomplicated but reasonable rules. When you go for the Online Shopping for Men then it is for sure that you will be having the perfect solution for the same.

  • Watch for discounts and sales

First, select a few suitable online stores and subscribe to their notifications. As a rule, it is subscribers who are the first to learn about promotions and sales, and some stores even grant them additional privileges for a birthday or other holidays. In addition, keep in mind the dates of the major discount seasons: sales of summer collections take place in July-August, discounts for winter goods from the end of December to February. Do not forget about global sales like Black Friday – it is attended by a huge number of very different stores, the next will be held on November 23; Cyber ​​Monday – on this day, January 29, look for gadgets and equipment with discounts up to 80%. On the day of the bachelor, November 11, Chinese online stores annually give buyers discounts – do not miss it.

  • Study the conditions

When making a purchase, always pay attention to the little things: can I choose the type of delivery – if you want to save money, choose a self-delivery instead of a courier; if you are not in a hurry to get your goods, you prefer a standard delivery, not an express. Unite with friends: order together and divide the amount of delivery – so it will be cheaper. In addition, if you order a lot of goods, you can even get a discount.

  • Forget about impulsive purchases

Avoid spontaneous purchases – this is a disease that we picked up from our girlfriends, not otherwise. According to the research company Ipsos Comcon, 31% of men and 28% of women make impulsive purchases – for the first time since 2008, boys have overtaken girls in this indicator. To avoid unnecessary purchase, put the item you liked in the basket and close the site.

Think for a couple of days and decide: Do you really need this panoramic camera or ten pairs of socks with the heroes of the “Game of Thrones”? In addition, as long as you think the store will try its best to make you complete what has been started until the end, that is, to buy a thing, and can offer a discount or another bonus.

  • Think about how and when to pay

Some banks return up to 7-10% from each purchase: study all offers – they will be useful also for usual expenses.

Not only does your credit card matter, but even the time and the day when you plan on getting something. Closer to the weekend, prices rise slightly, after the weekend ends, they stabilize. The best days for online shopping are Tuesday or Wednesday.

Florist: An Artistic And Commercial Career

Intermediary between the horticulturist and the client, the florist is brought to perform functions at the same time technical, artistic and commercial. If you know the “language of the flowers” and mix the essences, plays on the harmony of the forms and marries the colors to realize original and unique compositions.

Required skills

Botanist and horticulturist

If loving the flowers and not being allergic to pollen is essential to practice this profession, it is not enough. Technician above all, the florist must have strong knowledge in botany and horticulture to provide the appropriate care for each variety.

Manager and Salesman

Other necessary qualities: the sense of organization and trade in order to build customer loyalty and good management skills to be able to follow orders, stocks, receipts.

An artistic touch

Other qualities such as creativity, artistic sense, the ability to play with current trends and to invent original compositions make all the difference. From the bouquet offered for a romantic rendezvous to the table setting or the funeral wreath, to the florist to find the appropriate floral response.

Professional evolution

You prepare bouquets, give care to the plants, and decorate the shop according to the demands of your employer. You work in a nursery or in a supermarket. You are specialized in the sale of a range of products, whether they are plants or gardening equipment. You are responsible for your business. You supervise several employees or salesmen.

Points to guarantee the success of your florist

Before opening your flower shop, here are some elements to guarantee your success and avoid certain disappointments:

  • In a market that remains competitive and where customer expectations are high, you must constantly offer a high added value service. You cannot afford to define your own concept and think about the products and services you want to offer the customer.
  • To reach you accomplish in your business, you need to master a number of skills. This may include sales and trading techniques, claims and claims management of your clients, and your ability to analyze performance indicators.
  • Unless you have a high profile, you cannot rely exclusively on word of mouth to increase your chances of success.The development of the internet and social networks are crucial to effectively promote your business.

For any newly open businesses any one should do a proper math because it is an investment plan in short. Before investing in any sector, thus it is recommended to go through a plan and a proper execution of the plan which can help you to discover Singapore businesses.


The quality of the location is a key point for a successful project. Several questions must be asked before starting: visibility, the population of the targeted neighborhood and the type of competition nearby. Your premises should have an exhibition area of between 25 and 60 m²; a preparation workshop of a minimum of 20 m²; sales counter a climatic chamber and a refrigerated truck. For any business creation, the business plan is essential to build a long-term and secure business.