A Room For Everyone in an Apartment

Living in an apartment is not the easiest and most convenient situation to live in especially when you have children of very young ages. As a mother of five very young ones a mother will always seem to find it almost impossible to get her children to set still and not make too much noise for the neighbor downstairs.

The children will automatically want to play, jump, scream, run, and stomp their feet very loudly. It is nearly impossible to control children as they are very individualized and unique little people and want to remain free and liberated at all time. Usually the one to come against that freedom has to deal with the tantrums.

Especially during the winter when they do not get the liberty to go outside, they have a very strong urge to play and it must be very difficult for them to contain themselves just as it would be difficult for an adult to remain still for countless of hours. Usually siblings have to share rooms in such an arrangement which perpetrates the situation even further.

Most of the time one small bathroom is allotted to the family and when children because pre-adolescents and eventually teenagers, it takes strategic coordination to ensure that everyone gets to use the bathroom. In most apartments a small kitchen and living room is usually shared amongst a large family and it gets a bit difficult to move around.

Though it is not a dramatically terrible situation to live in most children would prefer to enjoy the freedom of living in their own home. A home where they have their own individual bedrooms and closets. A home where they can run free in the backyard until the wee hours of the night.

A home where everyone can sit comfortably on the couches surround the television set to watch their favourite shows. A home where they can run upstairs and downstairs as much as they want without the fear of the neighbor downstairs banging or coming to their door telling them that they are being too noisy. It would be an amazing feeling then.

Children living in such apartments under such conditions are under great expectations to finally move and have their home that they can call their own.

Of course, this takes years of planning on the parents’ side and cooperation from the children’s side. The children must understand that if they want to eventually have their dream home there are certain things that they would have to let go of in order for their parents to be able to save as much money as possible for a down payment for the home as well as for the fees towards the real estate agents.

Real estate agents are usually able to find housing for small and large families very rapidly. They usually start by assessing the needs of the family as well as their desired location and budget and then get on with their search. Usually it could take between 6 months to a year for the family to get settled into their own home.

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