Florist: An Artistic And Commercial Career

Intermediary between the horticulturist and the client, the florist is brought to perform functions at the same time technical, artistic and commercial. If you know the “language of the flowers” and mix the essences, plays on the harmony of the forms and marries the colors to realize original and unique compositions.

Required skills

Botanist and horticulturist

If loving the flowers and not being allergic to pollen is essential to practice this profession, it is not enough. Technician above all, the florist must have strong knowledge in botany and horticulture to provide the appropriate care for each variety.

Manager and Salesman

Other necessary qualities: the sense of organization and trade in order to build customer loyalty and good management skills to be able to follow orders, stocks, receipts.

An artistic touch

Other qualities such as creativity, artistic sense, the ability to play with current trends and to invent original compositions make all the difference. From the bouquet offered for a romantic rendezvous to the table setting or the funeral wreath, to the florist to find the appropriate floral response.

Professional evolution

You prepare bouquets, give care to the plants, and decorate the shop according to the demands of your employer. You work in a nursery or in a supermarket. You are specialized in the sale of a range of products, whether they are plants or gardening equipment. You are responsible for your business. You supervise several employees or salesmen.

Points to guarantee the success of your florist

Before opening your flower shop, here are some elements to guarantee your success and avoid certain disappointments:

  • In a market that remains competitive and where customer expectations are high, you must constantly offer a high added value service. You cannot afford to define your own concept and think about the products and services you want to offer the customer.
  • To reach you accomplish in your business, you need to master a number of skills. This may include sales and trading techniques, claims and claims management of your clients, and your ability to analyze performance indicators.
  • Unless you have a high profile, you cannot rely exclusively on word of mouth to increase your chances of success.The development of the internet and social networks are crucial to effectively promote your business.

For any newly open businesses any one should do a proper math because it is an investment plan in short. Before investing in any sector, thus it is recommended to go through a plan and a proper execution of the plan which can help you to discover Singapore businesses.


The quality of the location is a key point for a successful project. Several questions must be asked before starting: visibility, the population of the targeted neighborhood and the type of competition nearby. Your premises should have an exhibition area of between 25 and 60 m²; a preparation workshop of a minimum of 20 m²; sales counter a climatic chamber and a refrigerated truck. For any business creation, the business plan is essential to build a long-term and secure business.

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