How To Save On Space In Your Home

Handy is in the business of putting people in touch with cleaning professionals to get their home clean and organized. There are certain reasons why people would need to get their home cleaned and it can be due to the fact that they simply don’t have the time or maybe they don’t know how to properly clean their home. Whatever the reason, Handy will have someone available for people to get their to-do list fully sorted out.

Getting more out of your storage space

Since Handy solely operates in North America, including some cities in Canada, there are certain items we only would use seasonally such as blankets, sweaters, and sporting items. We can’t go skiing in the dead of summer therefore if we own items like these, we would need to store them somewhere to gain access until next time we would like to use them. For some people who have bigger homes, thus more space, it is easier to place.

But when we have limited space, we need to come up with creative ways to store our items. When it comes to bulky items that can be vacuum packed, it is a good idea to get this done since they will take up less space and they will be bug and dust free.

If you know the fabrics you own at hope that take up too much space will not be used in awhile, it is best to vacuum pack everything and get it all to fit perfectly in your closet. This way when you need to remove a towel, nothing will tumble out or look disorganized since it will all be sealed in plastic.

Using storage tricks to have more walkable space

When you would like to have more space available in your home you can use metal bars and hooks to save space on counter space and floor space. Starting in the entryway, there are hooks that can be installed on the walls to place bags and coats instead of having them around the house. This way your home will be more organized and you will spend less time looking for whatever it is you need.

Moving onto the closet, it is practical to have bars set up to place your shoes onto the rack for easy access and to have more room and organization in the closet be it a walk-in or not.

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