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In English, the acronym LTL stands for less than truckload or the transport of broken lots. At the basic definition level, groupage is a mode of transport for small cargo shipments that occupy only a portion of the truck. For that the use of the free load board comes useful.

  • Groupage (LTL) refers exclusively to road transport and includes multiple loads and unloads during transit.
  • Full load (FTL) Partial loading (PTL)

When to choose grouping (LTL)?

Group transportation is one of the most cost-effective solutions for shipping goods when:

The volume to be shipped is not large enough for full load (FTL);
The shipment is too big or too heavy to be considered a standard shipment but too small for a full load (FTL);
Shipping is not time sensitive;
The goods must be delivered to different destinations;
Several small packages can be combined and placed on pallets.

Group Age costs

LTL costs depend on many factors:

The transport distance The weight and dimensions of the shipment;

The type of email service

  • The type of shipment – the transportation of fragile goods or perishable goods and dangerous goods will be slightly more expensive;
  • The shipping route
  • Shipping distance;
  • The type of shipping service
  • The type of shipping service – standard or expedited deliveries;

Group transportation (LTL) is more convenient than individual package shipping. It is important to provide exact dimensions, weight and complete addresses to calculate the final shipping price. This information is also used by carriers to optimize the space available in trucks.

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Preparation for handling and transport by grouping (LTL)
LTL transport or groupage may include shipments that are too big or too heavy to be handled by standard courier services and at the same time too small to fill a complete truck. As a result, Group Shipment (LTL) is used for different consignment units, ranging from oversize parcels, palletized goods, crates, to corrugated containers.

For LTL transport, the packaging materials used to protect freight are the same as for Full Load Transport (FTL), as explained in the dedicated section.
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