The Right Tummy Tuck for You Now

Many women and men, after 30 years, begin to struggle desperately with excess skin and fat in the abdomen and back. Regular exercises and diets can give excellent results, but, alas, not always.

Many can for years try to get themselves back to normal, but if the surpluses of the skin are already large enough, then neither diet nor physical activity can help – you need a plastic abdomen. And if, it becomes clear that all means are vain, and then you need to seriously think about surgical tummy tuck.

The earlier this procedure is carried out, the easier and faster the recovery process will be after it. The operation can give excellent results; however, it is not worth waiting for the magical reincarnation.

Much will depend on how correctly and carefully the patient treats himself in the process of postoperative recovery. For the proper option of tummy tuck in Miami you will be having the best deals now.

Tummy tuck

Proper diet (before and after surgery)

The operation in fact, will remove a lot of extra pounds from the body and the sagging skin. But in order for the body to recover easier, you need to think ahead of a correct, well-balanced diet. It is strongly recommended, at the same time, consult a dietician who will offer the best diet for the body.

To start to adhere to it should be at least several months before the operation, so that the body is accustomed to a new way of eating, and did not get, as a result, stress. Sharp weight loss before the operation, may not have the best effect on the body during the recovery period. It is important, and after tightening the abdomen, do not let you relax, and continue to adhere to the established correct diet.

Avoid infections

Risks to some extent take place in any operation. To minimize them, you need to clearly follow all the prescriptions of the plastic surgeon, which he gives before and after the procedure. So, for example, often before a tummy tuck, patients are advised to take a bath, diluting the chlorhexidine solution in water to reduce the amount of bacteria, and therefore to reduce the risk of infection.

Healing baths

Improve body mobility

The first few days after the operation will be quite heavy in terms of movement. A person will need help to get to the bathroom, bed, kitchen, etc. It must be understood that any activity in the first days after the braces will be accompanied by considerable difficulties.

However, it is important not to give yourself time to spend in bed, to make short, but frequent cautious walks around the house, so that the legs get a load, the blood in them does not stagnate, and does not form blood clots.

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