True Options for the Proper Facelifts Now

Facelift or facelift called plastic surgery, with which you can get rid of the problem of omission of soft tissues on the face. Also, facelift allows you to remove the signs of gravitational ptosis and creases between the nose and lips, smooth wrinkles.

Facelift can help get rid of wrinkles, but remember that skin aging cannot be prevented. With age, due to the influence of the force of gravity, soft tissues lose elasticity, because of what they begin to sag, forming wrinkles. With age, the collagen structures responsible for supporting tissues also decrease – this makes the skin flabby. But with the help of a face lift it is possible to return the skin to youth and elasticity.

Preparation for facelift surgery

Now the most popular endoscopic lift

Before the operation, the patient must undergo a full medical examination, consultation of an anesthesiologist.

The specialist should know all about the patient’s health in order to imagine what possible complications may be. Before endoscopic lifting it is very important to tell a specialist about hidden problems, especially if they are related to the tendency of the tissue to excessive scarring, clotting of blood and arterial pressure.

The surgeon performing endoscopic lifting also needs to know whether the patient drinks alcohol, smokes, and takes any medications, since this can affect the recovery process after surgery.

The Postoperative Day

In the first postoperative day, a bandage is made, painkillers and antibiotics are prescribed. Edema decreases after 4 days (it completely disappears in 2 months), and the sutures are removed after a week. Endoscopic facelift in St. Petersburg for only 2-3 weeks will deprive the patient of an ordinary way of life. Cosmetics and shampoo can be used after 3-4 days.

Also, after lifting the face for 2 months you cannot smoke and drink alcohol, wear weights, go to a solarium and sauna. To accelerate rehabilitation, you can apply lymph drainage massage and physiotherapy.

  • The surgeon can not only remove the traces of age, but also make adjustments to your appearance, if that’s what you want. For example, highlight the cheekbones, raise your eyebrows. All these changes the doctor will discuss with you before the operation. So that you can immediately see how your appearance will change after the braces, we will make a 3D image based on your photo.
  • If you are used to visiting a cosmetologist on a regular basis, then after the operation, you will quickly appreciate the freedom from less effective procedures. One face lift, the cost of which in VIP Clinic is from 158000 dollars, in the end will cost you less than regular trips to a cosmetologist or hardware procedures in a good clinic.

Circular lifting is a change in the position of not only the facial skin, but also weakened muscles, fatty tissue. Therefore, the effect of such an operation remains for 10-15 years.

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